Angel of Blood, Poem

Here’s one of my very early pieces. I’d been watching a lot of vampire movies around the time that I wrote this one. Not my best work but I kinda like it.


Angel of Blood. 


She is radiant in her beauty


Her Blue Green eyes shimmer with the depth of oceans


Her skin is fine like porcelain


And her lips are the deep crimson of desire


Her mind is sharper than a thousand scholars


Her self belief and conviction is greater than most


Her creativity doesn’t know the limits of this world or the next


Her emotions rage like a mighty thunder clap or the whispered fluttering of a Butterfly’s wings


Her compassion is that of a saint


Her soul is an incandescent flame


She is my night


She is my day


She is my truest love


 She is my Angel of Blood.


James Goldsworthy.

Copy Right 2006. All Rights Reserved.