My writing projects for the next 12-18 months

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing projects for the next twelve months or so. As with most things in life that we enjoy doing there never seems to be enough time to actually do them. As a result I’ve not done as much writing as I would have liked so far this year. However, one of my biggest goals was to get my website up and running by June and with that out of the way I’m feeling a little less unproductive. I’m very happy with the site and enjoy posting with updates and news etc so that’s all good.


So looking ahead over the next twelve to eighteen months what have I got planned?


The first thing to happen will be the recording and production of the Larry the Stick Insect audio book. This will be happening by the end of July so with a bit of luck it will be on sale by the end of August.


Staying with the theme of the Larry books, I’m actually in the process of writing the second book but also have another planned and very much on my mind.


In terms of other genres, I do have a sci-fi story that I’ve been playing around with which may very well turn into a full blown short book. I also have a fantasy story that I’ve been working on little by little over the last couple of months. This one is very definitely a long term project so we shall have to see how it goes.


Finally, I have an idea for a horror story which I’m actually very excited about. I’m still kind of in the process of putting the framework of the story together in my head but imagine it won’t be very long before I get the laptop out and begin actually writing it.


So in a nutshell, lots of things I want to do, thoughts and ideas whizzing around my head but a little more time to focus on those ideas now the distraction of the website is no longer there.


You should definitely see one new book from me before Christmas and you never know, you may even get two or three. Let’s see what happens.