The setting and context of my new book Bar Room Blitz released on 15th December

As I’ve already mentioned in a previous post, my new book Bar Room Blitz is released in a week’s time on Friday 15th December. As this is a new book in a new series in a different genre from the previous books I’ve released, I thought it might be useful to tell you a little about it and set the scene a little.


So what’s the book about, when is it set, etc?


The book is set in the 27th century and forms part of a series of stories following the time line of the book’s main character. The character around whom the books are formed is Lieutenant Jackson Silver of the Galactic Fleet Commandos. In this book Jackson gets into a spot of bother whilst off duty visiting a bar for a well earned drink. I don’t want to give too much away here but needless to say things get somewhat out of hand and Jackson finds himself in a pretty tenuous situation. There’s a fair bit of action in the story and to give potential readers fair warning, some graphic violence and a tiny bit of bad language.


To give some context for the setting of this book and indeed the whole series, all the stories in the series have humans as the central species as Jackson himself is human. Although there aren’t any in this particular book, there are alien races which Jackson and his Commandos come face to face with, fight for survival against and interact with in other ways. Galactic Fleet Commandos form a large part of Galactic Allied’s military strength and are a major element of the Galactic Fleet. Galactic Allied is the overarching authority which oversees the human race’s existence throughout the galaxy, in a similar way that the Empire in Star Wars, the Federation in Star Trek and the Imperium in 40K do in their respective universes. The Galactic Fleet is made up of five branches; the Galactic Fleet Commandos (GFC), the Galactic Fleet Armada (GFA), the Galactic Fleet Intelligence Corps (GFIC), the Galactic Fleet Science Division (GFSD), and the Galactic Fleet Logistics Command (GFLC).


It’s the Galactic Fleet that probes the galaxy for new worlds, new species and new technology. Exploratory missions are sent out from earth into the void comprising small contingents from each of the Galactic Fleet’s branches. These exploratory missions can be vulnerable to hostile attack from space pirates, alien explorers or the indigenous life forms of the planets they discover. This is where the GFC and GFA come into the picture. They provide defensive security and offensive military force when and where it’s needed.


Needless to say both branches are equipped with state of the art technology and weaponry giving them the capability to deal with pretty much whatever comes their way……or does it?


Bar Room Blitz is the very first story I wrote for the Jackson Silver GFC series. The story actually takes place quite a way through his timeline and is a snapshot of a stand alone event rather than being part of a large story line. I enjoyed writing the story and I thought it a good place to introduce the world to Jackson, the GFC and the universe of 27th century Galactic Allied. I hope you enjoy it.


On the release day I’ll post a link to the book here, on my Facebook page and on Twitter. In the meantime here’s a first look at the book cover for Bar Room Blitz. I think we can all agree that my good friend Adam Kelly has done an absolutely cracking job on this piece.

 Bar Room Blitz Book Cover. Artist Adam Kelly. Release date 15th December 2017