Bonus artwork from upcoming new book

During the creation of the cover art for my upcoming new book Bar Room Blitz I had something specific in mind. In the background on the bar wall is a planetary enforcement recruitment poster (see cover art below). The poster should look reasonably familiar to anybody who studied the first world war at school as I asked Adam to base the poster on the famous Lord Kitchener wants you poster from 1914. Obviously we didn’t want to just do a carbon copy of the original but wanted the poster in the background on that grimy bar room wall to be reminiscent of the famous historical piece.

 Bar Room Blitz Book Cover Artist Adam Kelly 15th December 2017

I’m really pleased with what Adam has produced and think it adds an interesting point of detail in addition to the cover arts main focus. So as a bonus for everybody I got Adam to do a large stand alone version of the poster to display in its own right. So without further ado I give you the finished article. I rather like it.

We Need You Poster from BRB Cover Art Bar Wall Artist Adam Kelly 15th December 2017 

Don’t forget, Bar Room Blitz is released on Amazon Kindle this Friday 15th December in the UK and Saturday 16th December to the rest of the world. The introductory price for the first week will be £0.99 and will go up to £1.49 eight days after the book is released.