Farewell to a wonderful friend

It is with an empty ache in my chest that I share the news that our lovely lad Paddy the Greyhound left us yesterday. The vets diagnosed a left hemisphere brain lesion and nothing could be done to fix it in any meaningful way. He faded quickly over a few days so Sarah and I took the decision to end his suffering. He was in no pain at the end and he went in peace whilst being held by people he loved and who loved him.

 Me tickling Paddy under the chin

This boy came to us as a mistreated, scared and skinny rescue hound in April 2016. Over the past 22 months we’ve seen him grow into a calm and loving dog who, once he got to know a person, would be their friend forever. He took great joy in playing with his squeaky bones and I’ll never forget the happiness Sarah and I felt as he ran flat out around the paddock, not because he was being raced or forced to do so, but because he was off lead, free and simply for the joy of it.

Paddy looking up at me adoringly 

We used to take him and our girl Lucy to Greyhound Playgroup (yes that is a real thing) every Saturday where he loved walking and socialising with his little mates and occasionally even running with them in the paddock.

 Me tickling Paddy's tummy in the garden

Living with Paddy and seeing him come out of his scared little shell and flourish into the sleek, statuesque and loving dog he became was truly wonderful.

 Paddy (black collar) & Lucy (red collar) looking up into the camera

Sarah, Lucy and I will miss him very much. I leave you with some photos of how we remember him. Paddy with his favourite purple squeeky bone in the garden bathed in sunshine