The Adventures of Larry the Stick Insect

In July 2016 I released my first book for children. I’m currently working on the second book in the series and hope to release it at the end of this year. I’ve had a couple of false starts with it but things are ticking along nicely now.


So what’s the first book called and what’s it about? The book’s called The Adventures of Larry the Stick Insect: Larry the Dancing King. It’s about a young stick insect, his friends and his adventures as he attends his school’s end of year dance. Larry loves Miranda who is a beautiful Ladybird, but as with any good story there’s a bad guy. That bad guy is Marv, a Praying Mantis who along with his sidekicks Vic and Kane bullies Larry and his friends and acts like he owns the school. In Larry the Dancing King Larry is confronted by Marv in front of his entire school, but Larry has a secret which he reveals to the astonishment of everybody present. The book is funny and paints a vivid picture of the action whilst having a good moral at its core. It’s been well received by children and adults alike.


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