Massive news about upcoming releases

The first time I spoke to my editor/publisher (the fabulous Nicky Fitzmaurice from Satin Publishing) I said that my initial aim was to release a couple of books on Amazon Kindle with a view to having those books turned into audio books. As I’ve mentioned before, I made the conscious decision to publish primarily in Kindle format as doing so would allow people with sight loss to read my books through the Kindle app on the device of their choice. For me having my books available in both formats is a no brainer as anybody, sighted or non sighted, can choose to read how they wish.


Being blind and a huge audio book fan myself I always wanted to get audio book versions out there too. In my opinion reading ebooks through an app with a synthetic voice is perfectly okay and even enjoyable; however, there’s something about listening to an audio book that really brings it to life. Whilst synthetic voices in screenreaders and those built into apps are incredibly good now and getting better all the time, the nuances, inflection of phrases and the tone of a real human voice just aren’t present. So whilst I read ebooks a lot I always prefer an audio book version if one is available. Needless to say I really really wanted to get audio book versions of my books out there.


Well, as I have a little home studio set up in my music room my partner Sarah and I thought we’d have a go and see if we might be able to produce something releasable. The short version is, no, we couldn’t. Whilst I can happily record music tracks from bass, guitar, an electric drum kit and even some vocals for some little music projects, the finer points of spoken word vocal performance completely elude me. I could go on for some time about trying to find a reader whose voice and style of delivery I liked, finding a studio to produce the recordings in etc but it all gets very boring. So, skip forward to this month.


Yep, you guessed it. I have a reader who, quite frankly, is awesome. This is all down to a friend who, by the way, is also awesome. I think I’m still in a bit of a daze about the whole thing really. The phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” could have been tailor made for this very situation.


I’m not going to give away too much as obviously it’s very early days in the process. But rest assured more updates will come as stuff happens but I can tell you three things.


1: All three of my books (Larry the Dancing King, The Edge of Darkness and Bar Room Blitz) are going to be made into audio books this year. I’ll publish details of the release schedule once the books have been produced and the details are firmed up.


2: They will all be available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.


3: I am VERY VERY VERY excited about who is narrating the books.


All I can say is watch this space for more updates!