The Edge of Darkness audio book news and sample clip

It’s been a busy week here. Having received the audio files to review for all three of my books on Monday it’s all been a bit frantic. As I’ve already mentioned in a previous post Larry the Dancing King will be the first of my books to be released in audio format. Next will be my book of poetry The Edge of Darkness. This one is a really big deal for me as many of the pieces in the book were written whilst I was going through losing my sight. Needless to say there’s very much a feeling of putting my heart and soul out there, more so than when the Kindle version of the book came out. Jonathan Keeble is reading this book as well. I have to say that he’s done such a fantastic job on it that it almost feels like he jumped in a time machine and went back to that period in my life and got inside my head. He has certainly captured the mood and flavour of the poems in the book and I’m immensely grateful that such a talented reader took on the project. With all that said I couldn’t very well leave you without a sneak peek at what to expect from the book once it’s released. So, here’s a short audio sample with one of the poems included.


The book will be available from Audible, Amazon and iTunes as well as other subsidiary vendors. It’s not quite ready for release yet but I’ll keep you updated as the release schedule is finalised. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the clip.