The personification of Larry the Stick Insect

My mum is a very creative and talented lady. As far back as I can remember she’s made things, done cross stitch, embroidery, knitting etc. In recent years she’s turned her hand to making all sorts of things from felt. These have included Christmas decorations, dolls, nativity play animals etc.


About a month ago I asked her whether she thought she could make a doll of Larry the Stick Insect. Mum, in her usual fashion, said she’d have a go but didn’t think it would turn out very well. Earlier this week she came round and presented me with her attempt. It’s brilliant!


I’m afraid I did have to ask her to make a modification though. Not because there was anything wrong with it but because poor Larry was naked. Mum, bless her, took him away and added a pair of shorts to protect his modesty.


So here he is, Larry this afternoon sunbathing. Isn’t he fab!

 Larry takes it easy & does a spot of sunbathing