A new character and concept artwork for upcoming new book

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m currently working on the next book in the Adventures of Larry the Stick Insect series. This new book will see some new characters introduced to the series, one of whom is Larry’s Grandad Bertram. I’m not going to give anything away about him yet but I can tell you that I’ve really loved writing the character.


After a conversation with my good friend Adam Kelly about the new characters, my ideas for the artwork for the book and a general overview of what we could do he’s already started work on some concept pieces. I wanted to share his first concept piece of Grandad Bertram with you. Although we’re just pulling ideas together right now, generally getting a feel for the new characters and how we portray them in the artwork, I think he’s already looking great! Here he is.

 Larry s Grandad Bertram concept 01