The Edge of Darkness poetry book now available on Audible

I’m both delighted and nervous to announce that my poetry book, The Edge of Darkness, is now available in audio book format from Audible. It will also be available on Amazon and iTunes sometime this month, I’ll update you once it’s available.


You may think it strange that I’m nervous about the release of this book, particularly as I’ve had other books published and made into audio books. The truth is that The Edge of Darkness is incredibly personal to me and there is an element of putting my heart and soul, albeit from several years ago, out there. I’m very pleased with how the book has turned out though. I hope that readers/listeners will take it for what it is, the thoughts and feelings of a young man struggling through the most challenging period of his life. Jonathan Keeble has done a wonderful job reading the book and has managed to portray precisely how I was feeling at the time of writing the poems. I can’t think of anybody who I’d rather have reading my work, he has done me proud.


If you’d like to purchase the book on Audible you can do so here:


Don’t have an Audible account? Not a problem. You can still use the link to go to the book details page on the Audible website where you can sign in with your Amazon account details. When you purchase the book Audible takes the payment from your default Amazon payment method. You can then choose to download the book to your computer, in which case it will be added to the media library on your computer. Alternatively you can download the Audible app to a mobile device of your choice where you’ll be able to download and listen to the book and any others you buy. If Audible doesn’t float your boat you will of course be able to purchase it on Amazon or iTunes when it becomes available in a couple of weeks.