Lest we forget



Saucer eyed with whitewashed skin, the soldier stares into the distance


The noise around him fading to background static


Saw action he did this boy of nineteen, now become a man


Numb from the pain, the smoke and the blood


The edges of his vision blur so he believes he is dreaming


All his friends gone, but he must go on


Only butchery and insanity await


Detached from himself, he plays his role in this macabre theatre of war


Loaded for battle, spilt blood on his hands


Sent to kill, this empty shell


Afraid, so afraid, this young boy within


Pushed down by the false visage of a man


A veteran now this man of twenty


Horror and sacrifice fill his mind


Haunted by the barbarity of mankind


The boy can never return.



Taken from The Edge of Darkness. Copy Right James Goldsworthy 2017.