Well, that’s the weekend over

Well that’s the weekend over. It went by far too quickly in my opinion!


Sarah and I had a lovely visit with friends up in Birmingham where we had delicious home cooked food, great company and belated birthday presents for a few of us. Sarah’s parents came and dog sat, so we arrived home this afternoon to two contented and very snoozy Greyhounds. All those cuddles and treats clearly just exhausted them!

Lucy, a pretty black Greyhound, laying sprawled on her back fast asleep on a sofa 

We’ve spent the evening catching up on some television whilst each having our respective sofa buddies curled up next to us, Lucy (above) with Sarah and Mac (below) with me. Needless to say a very pleasant evening was had by all.

 Mac, a handsom red brindle Greyhound, sat looking majestic on a sofa

I hope you’ve had a good weekend whatever you’ve been up to and are recharged ready for the week ahead.