Happy gotcha day to our lovely boy Mac

It’s almost inconceivable that it’s one year today that we went and collected our lovely boy Mac, aka Mac the Greyhound, Macatron and “Oi, get out of my seat”!

 Mac asleep with head and paw and James lap 29th April 2018

He’s a lovely calm lad and, although it took him a little while to fully settle in, he’s absolutely made this his home and become a much loved member of the family. Our other Greyhound Lucy (literally his cousin. I think we worked it out as second cousin twice removed) accepted him straight away. The two of them live very happily together. They’ll often curl up together when it’s cold, usually on one of the sofas Sarah and I were about to sit on and will have a tug of war with a cuddly toy. Perhaps the best thing is that they’ll run free and happy together in our garden or in the enclosed paddock at Greyhound play group. It’s simply wonderful to watch and hear.

 James sandwiched between Lucy and Mac with arms over both 24th March 2018

I leave you with some pics of the cheeky chap. Isn’t he handsome.

 Mac looking handsom on James sofa 16th June 2018