Happy gotcha day to Lucy the Greyhound

A nice happy little post this morning. It’s Lucy the Greyhound’s gotcha day today.

 30th April 2017 Lucy asleep on sofa with James on gotcha day

I can’t quite believe we’ve had her for two years to be honest. The time has just flashed by so fast. Sarah and I are so pleased we brought her into the family. She’s full of mischief, acts like a two year old even though she was actually 8 in January and she has a hell of a loud wookie howl of joy. But, we absolutely wouldn’t have her any other way.

Lucy  Mac say cheeeeeeeeese 9th April 2018 

So, happy gotcha day you little monkey.

Paddy and Lucy looking up 

I leave you with a few pics of our lovely girl, including the one below, which was used in the Accolade Hounds 2017 calendar. It also has our handsome boy, Paddy the Greyhound in it, who sadly we lost last February.

 Paddy and Lucy calendar photo