Delighted to play bass on an album for charity

I’m delighted to have contributed to a charity album by writing and performing all bass parts. It is called Drowning and is by Richard Bailey. It was produced to help raise awareness for the prevention of male suicide and all proceeds go directly to that cause.

Sadly, far too many people have lost friends or family members through suicide and many of us have been in a position where suicide has felt like the only way out. It is through charities like CALM and HUMAN that individuals can get proper support to help them move forward and it is to those organisations that all of the proceeds from sales go. None of us involved in creating the album have taken any payment and have willingly contributed our time and skills to its production.

We know that things have been getting tougher these last couple of years, so if you’re not in a position to buy then please do share about it as much as you can. If you are in a position to purchase the album and would like to do so, you can get it here

#DrowningEP #RichardBailey #CharityAlbum #HUMAN #CALM #SuicidePrevention #MaleSuicide #SuicideAwareness #MusicRelease #AppleMusic #SuicidePreventionUK

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