New podcast episode now out

Episode 7 of the Plus 1 To Hit podcast is now available, you can get it from wherever you get your podcasts or directly from Anchor FM at–The-War-Mistress-stops-in-for-a-chat-e1g19kq

Here’s the synopsis: Welcome to this months episode, we made it super sized to make up for not being able to produce a show last month. In this episode James and Mark talk about Mark’s first game with his Blood Angels versus James’s Aeldari.

Then James sits down with The War Mistress Tanya Gates to talk all things hobby and inclusivity.

Finally, James, Graham, Mark and Quirkie get together to talk about the finale of their long running RPG game.

Thanks go to Calvin Brown for his reading of the quote of the Imperial official.

Thanks also go to special guest Tanya Gates for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come onto the show.

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If you would like to get in touch, would like to come onto the show to talk about disability or inclusivity in the hobby or would like to tell your hobby story, contact us at:

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