I was born in 1977 and grew up in Bletchley, a town famous for being the home of the code breakers stationed at Bletchley Park during World War II. I currently live in the United Kingdom in a small village in north Buckinghamshire with my partner Sarah and our dogs Lucy, Mac and Socks (all gorgeous rescue hounds). The five of us enjoy spending time exploring the countryside that surrounds our village, often at break neck speeds thanks to the dog’s inquisitive nature. Although not the greatest cooks on the planet, Sarah and I enjoy cooking together and can often be found in the garden on a warm summer’s evening enjoying a nice glass of wine.

I lost my sight completely in 2005 but it’s never stopped me from doing the things I want to do. I run a successful business working as an enablement coach, a job which I thoroughly enjoy. I love music and have been playing bass guitar for over twenty five years including playing in rock bands and gigging all over the UK. In 2007 I walked across the Sahara, a truly fantastic experience which at the time was pivotal in changing my outlook on life. It also resulted in my writing one of my favourite poems featured in my book, The Edge of Darkness. I like to break the perception that just because I’m blind I can’t do interesting and challenging things. Activities like flying a microlight, driving a tank and winning bronze and silver medals at British National blind air rifle shooting competitions have all been part of that.

Since I was a little boy I’ve been interested in World War II history. My interest in the personal stories of people from all walks of life who lived in the period has only increased as I’ve grown older. I’m also a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy stories whether in book or film form. Basically I’ve always been a bit of a geek.

As well as writing, I love nothing more than listening to a good audio book, playing gigs with my band or hanging out with family and friends in my free time, not forgetting spending quality time with Sarah, Lucy, Mac and Socks of course.