Jackson Silver GFC Series: Bar Room Blitz

Little did Lieutenant Jackson Silver expect the situation he was about to be faced with as he walked into the bar or how much trouble he was about to get into, all in defence of one young trooper. Ever the cool headed Galactic Fleet Commando, the Lieutenant deals with it the only way he knows… Continue reading Jackson Silver GFC Series: Bar Room Blitz

Bonus artwork from upcoming new book

During the creation of the cover art for my upcoming new book Bar Room Blitz I had something specific in mind. In the background on the bar wall is a planetary enforcement recruitment poster (see cover art below). The poster should look reasonably familiar to anybody who studied the first world war at school as… Continue reading Bonus artwork from upcoming new book

New book release date announcement

I’m delighted to announce the release date for my upcoming new book Bar Room Blitz. Just like all my other books it’ll be available to download from Amazon Kindle for you to read on any device with the Kindle app installed. The release date for the Uk and Europe will be Friday 15th December and… Continue reading New book release date announcement

New book title revealed plus some cover art concept sketches

I’m very excited to reveal the title of my new book due to be released before Christmas. It’ll be called Bar Room Blitz and will be my first Sci Fi release. Today I’ve received the first edited draft of the manuscript from my editor so things are moving along nicely. I can’t wait to get… Continue reading New book title revealed plus some cover art concept sketches