Thanks to all my readers

It’s a cold, wet and dull day here in the UK so a person could be forgiven for being a bit down in the dumps. Not me though, I’ve just been cheered up greatly and it’s all because of you guys!   I’ve just taken a look at my KDP book sales and they seem… Continue reading Thanks to all my readers

A little treat

I’ve got a little treat for you all. The chap (Adam Kelly) who produces the artwork for all of my books has very kindly done me a version of the cover art of my latest book with no book title or author name obscuring anything. So, here’s the unadulterated version of the cover art for… Continue reading A little treat

A Happy New Year to all

A happy new year to all. Let’s hope that the world becomes a better place in 2018, even if it’s in the smallest of ways. Wishing everybody throughout the world peace and happiness for the coming year. Be good to each other.   Larry has something to say too.    

New Poem, The Ethereal Soldier

2017 saw the centenary of many of the battles that took place during the First World War. Although there were many battles that took place throughout 1917 Ypres, or to be accurate the third battle of Ypres, and Passchendaele are probably the two names most recognised by a majority of people. Earlier this year I… Continue reading New Poem, The Ethereal Soldier

A bit of action this Christmas

Little did Lieutenant Jackson Silver expect the situation he was about to be faced with as he walked into the bar or how much trouble he was about to get into, all in defence of one young trooper. Ever the cool headed Galactic Fleet Commando, the Lieutenant deals with it the only way he knows… Continue reading A bit of action this Christmas

Try some contemplative poetry this Christmas

Follow a young man’s journey through sight loss with The Edge of Darkness. This book archives his story through a collection of original poems reflecting his struggle to come to terms with the life changing event. Several additional stand alone poems are brought together in a second collection within the book.   Get it on… Continue reading Try some contemplative poetry this Christmas

A nice read with the little ones this Christmas

If you fancy a nice short story with a good moral to read with the little ones this Christmas, check out Larry the Dancing King. It’s got everything, love, friendship, humour, suspense, action and most important of all a dancing stick insect!   Get it on Amazon Kindle at  

Bar Room Blitz released today

Bar Room Blitz is here! Available on Amazon Kindle at today in the UK and tomorrow for the rest of the world. The book is at a discounted introductory price for the first week so get your copy whilst the offer is still hot.