New podcast episode now out

Episode 7 of the Plus 1 To Hit podcast is now available, you can get it from wherever you get your podcasts or directly from Anchor FM at’s the synopsis: Welcome to this months episode, we made it super sized to make up for not being able to produce a show last month. In… Continue reading New podcast episode now out

Delighted to play bass on an album for charity

I’m delighted to have contributed to a charity album by writing and performing all bass parts. It is called Drowning and is by Richard Bailey. It was produced to help raise awareness for the prevention of male suicide and all proceeds go directly to that cause.Sadly, far too many people have lost friends or family… Continue reading Delighted to play bass on an album for charity

Podcast news

Geek alert, geek alert!A few months ago I started my own hobby podcast. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and this year I finally took the plunge.I’ve been into tabletop gaming and model building since I was 12 or 13 years of age and it’s a hobby which has been a companion… Continue reading Podcast news

Trying to find something to keep the kids entertained during the summer hols? Try this

Want to keep the kiddy winks quiet for a bit during the summer holidays? Introduce them to Larry the stick insect in his first book, Larry the Dancing King. Colourfully described and wonderfully narrated by the maestro Jonathan Keeble, Larry takes the listener on an entertaining and funny evening at his school end of year… Continue reading Trying to find something to keep the kids entertained during the summer hols? Try this

My pod cast interview with the guys from Virosis Clothing

Something a bit different for you today.   A couple of good friends of mine, Graham D and CJ, have recently started a pod cast called the Virosis Clothing pod cast. Virosis Clothing is a new alternative T-shirt enterprise created by Graham D, whose ethos and branding are all about facing adversity, overcoming challenges and… Continue reading My pod cast interview with the guys from Virosis Clothing

Happy gotcha day to Lucy the Greyhound

A nice happy little post this morning. It’s Lucy the Greyhound’s gotcha day today.   I can’t quite believe we’ve had her for two years to be honest. The time has just flashed by so fast. Sarah and I are so pleased we brought her into the family. She’s full of mischief, acts like a… Continue reading Happy gotcha day to Lucy the Greyhound

Try my audio book with an Audible 30 day free trial

Want to listen to my poetry audio book, The Edge of Darkness, but don’t have an Audible account? No problem. Audible offers a free 30 day trial. You get 1 book credit to use on a book of your choice. The book is yours to keep even if you decide not to purchase an Audible… Continue reading Try my audio book with an Audible 30 day free trial

That Friday feeling

Well, it’s Friday again folks. It’s been a bit of a damp, cold week here in the UK. Sarah, the dogs and I are very much looking forward to a movie at home this evening curled up with some popcorn. Then tomorrow my band is playing a gig in a nearby town. The last time… Continue reading That Friday feeling