Thanks to all my readers

It’s a cold, wet and dull day here in the UK so a person could be forgiven for being a bit down in the dumps. Not me though, I’ve just been cheered up greatly and it’s all because of you guys!   I’ve just taken a look at my KDP book sales and they seem… Continue reading Thanks to all my readers

A Happy New Year to all

A happy new year to all. Let’s hope that the world becomes a better place in 2018, even if it’s in the smallest of ways. Wishing everybody throughout the world peace and happiness for the coming year. Be good to each other.   Larry has something to say too.    

New Poem, The Ethereal Soldier

2017 saw the centenary of many of the battles that took place during the First World War. Although there were many battles that took place throughout 1917 Ypres, or to be accurate the third battle of Ypres, and Passchendaele are probably the two names most recognised by a majority of people. Earlier this year I… Continue reading New Poem, The Ethereal Soldier

Try some contemplative poetry this Christmas

Follow a young man’s journey through sight loss with The Edge of Darkness. This book archives his story through a collection of original poems reflecting his struggle to come to terms with the life changing event. Several additional stand alone poems are brought together in a second collection within the book.   Get it on… Continue reading Try some contemplative poetry this Christmas

The Edge of Darkness, about my new book of poetry

I thought it might be good to give an overview of what my poetry book The Edge of Darkness is about and give you a sample poem from it. So, here’s a description followed by a poem about time.   The book brings together two collections of poems. Part one of the book is a… Continue reading The Edge of Darkness, about my new book of poetry

The Edge of Darkness new poetry book release

I’m very happy to announce that my new book The Edge of Darkness is now available. As some of you may know I am blind and work with visually impaired adults and children as an assistive technology trainer/coach. In the interest of making my book as accessible as possible I’ve published it on Amazon Kindle… Continue reading The Edge of Darkness new poetry book release