Happy gotcha day to Lucy the Greyhound

A nice happy little post this morning. It’s Lucy the Greyhound’s gotcha day today.   I can’t quite believe we’ve had her for two years to be honest. The time has just flashed by so fast. Sarah and I are so pleased we brought her into the family. She’s full of mischief, acts like a… Continue reading Happy gotcha day to Lucy the Greyhound

Happy gotcha day to our lovely boy Mac

It’s almost inconceivable that it’s one year today that we went and collected our lovely boy Mac, aka Mac the Greyhound, Macatron and “Oi, get out of my seat”!   He’s a lovely calm lad and, although it took him a little while to fully settle in, he’s absolutely made this his home and become… Continue reading Happy gotcha day to our lovely boy Mac

That Friday feeling

Well, it’s Friday again folks. It’s been a bit of a damp, cold week here in the UK. Sarah, the dogs and I are very much looking forward to a movie at home this evening curled up with some popcorn. Then tomorrow my band is playing a gig in a nearby town. The last time… Continue reading That Friday feeling

Well, that’s the weekend over

Well that’s the weekend over. It went by far too quickly in my opinion!   Sarah and I had a lovely visit with friends up in Birmingham where we had delicious home cooked food, great company and belated birthday presents for a few of us. Sarah’s parents came and dog sat, so we arrived home… Continue reading Well, that’s the weekend over

A calm relaxed Sunday

Well it’s an absolutely beautiful day here in the UK with the sun shining and the slightest breeze to take the edge off the heat. We’ve been spending time out in our conservatory and garden with the dogs and it’s generally been a nice calm day with plenty of relaxation. The dogs are loving the… Continue reading A calm relaxed Sunday