Try a bit of action this National read a book day

Try a bit of action this national read a book day with Lieutenant Jackson Silver in Bar Room Blitz.   Available on Amazon Kindle from   #Nationalreadabookday #scifi #military #future #action #JacksonSilverGFCseries

Happy weekend

Well it’s Friday folks and what a week it’s been! We’re glad for a break and a bit of chill out time in this house I can tell you.   I’ll be starting work on the audio for the upcoming audio book version of my Jackson Silver GFC series book, Bar Room Blitz, next week.… Continue reading Happy weekend

Some quiet writing time

It’s a glorious bank holiday weekend here in the UK with plenty of sunshine. A big storm over night last night with some spectacular thunder and lightning hasn’t cleared the air much but it’s nice to have some heat.   We’ve had friends over this weekend who have left now. Sarah and the dogs are… Continue reading Some quiet writing time

Do you need to have a Kindle to read Kindle Books?

A lot of people think that you have to own a Kindle to be able to read Amazon Kindle books and are therefore put off of buying and reading some of the thousands of great titles that are available in Kindle ebook format. So let’s clear this, you don’t have to own a Kindle… Continue reading Do you need to have a Kindle to read Kindle Books?

Massive news about upcoming releases

The first time I spoke to my editor/publisher (the fabulous Nicky Fitzmaurice from Satin Publishing) I said that my initial aim was to release a couple of books on Amazon Kindle with a view to having those books turned into audio books. As I’ve mentioned before, I made the conscious decision to publish primarily in… Continue reading Massive news about upcoming releases

Jackson Silver GFC Series: Bar Room Blitz

Little did Lieutenant Jackson Silver expect the situation he was about to be faced with as he walked into the bar or how much trouble he was about to get into, all in defence of one young trooper. Ever the cool headed Galactic Fleet Commando, the Lieutenant deals with it the only way he knows… Continue reading Jackson Silver GFC Series: Bar Room Blitz

Just read a cracking book

Tonight I finished listening to the audio book version of Predator: If it bleeds. If you’re into Predator movies, comics or novels I highly recommend this book. It’s a collection of 16 short stories that were written and put together last year for the 30th anniversary of the first Predator movie. The stories range in… Continue reading Just read a cracking book

Work in progress

Today I’m working on another story for the Jackson Silver GFC series. I’m nowhere near finished yet but it’s coming along nicely. I think my cover artist #AdamKelly is going to have a lot of fun creating the artwork for this one 🙂   That’s all for now, watch this space for updates.

Book News

Well, it’s still cold, wet and horrible here in the UK. We’re also having some work done to our house so it’s noisy and dusty and we’re living in a state of self induced mayhem at the moment but it’s not all bad! Contrary to all reason I’ve managed to make serious progress on two… Continue reading Book News

Thanks to all my readers

It’s a cold, wet and dull day here in the UK so a person could be forgiven for being a bit down in the dumps. Not me though, I’ve just been cheered up greatly and it’s all because of you guys!   I’ve just taken a look at my KDP book sales and they seem… Continue reading Thanks to all my readers