Here are the answers to the questions I’m most commonly asked.


Q: Which are your favourite poems in The Edge of Darkness?

A: They would be: Footsteps, Fear of the Dark, The Thousand Yard Stare, The Midnight Curse and Dreams.


Q: Was writing the poems about your sight loss hard to do?

A: Yes. It was a really awful time in my life and I started writing them as a way of getting my feelings out. Writing them was definitely the right thing to do as it made me re-evaluate my whole life. I still find reading some of the pieces difficult even now.


Q: What made you write the Larry books?

A: An ex girlfriend had a young daughter for whom I used to make up short stories about a little stick insect called Larry. My two nieces came along a couple of years later and Larry became more established. I really enjoyed telling the stories so I decided I wanted to write a series about Larry’s adventures.


Q: Who is your favourite character in the Larry the Stick Insect series?

A: Obviously I like Larry but I think his friend Gareth is probably my favourite. He’s funny, kind, loyal and maybe just a little bit cheeky.


Q: Who are your favourite authors?

A: In no particular order: Sir Terry Pratchett, Bernard Cornwell, Lee Child, Andy McNab, Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Ian Fleming, Dan Abnett, Ken Follett, Neil Gaiman, Graham McNeill, Wilber Smith but there are many more. I might do a blog post one day listing them all.


Q: Have you always been blind?

A: No. I lost my sight completely in December 2005.


Q: Did an accident cause your sight loss?

A: No. I have an eye condition called Diabetic Retinopathy. My sight began to fail in February 2004 due to the condition.


Q: Can you see anything at all?

A: No. I have complete blackness. My right eye is actually a prosthetic.


Q: Have you got a guide dog?

A: No, to be honest I don’t really want or need one at the moment. My partner Sarah and I do have two gorgeous rescue Greyhounds though.